Marina Improvement Plan

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Marina Improvement Plan

The Marina Improvement Plan (MIP) is a document covering a five-year period that identifies capital projects being proposed by the Marina during the planning term.  The MIP provides a planning schedule and identifies a funding source for financing the plan.  The MIP provides a link between the various marina projects and the annual budget.

For the purposes of the MIP, the proposed project cost is $50,000 or more, requiring the expenditure of public funds over and above annual maintenance and operational expenses, and having a proposed life expectancy of 20 years or more.

For the purposes of the MIP, capital maintenance shall mean any maintenance or upkeep expense to an existing capital facility requiring the expense of public funds in excess of $50,000 and extending the useful life of the facility for 10 years or more.

The proposed project cost threshold of $50,000 was selected to ensure that only large significant projects that take time to plan and fund are included in the Marina Improvement Plan.  This amount was also chosen as it is in line with other Capital Improvement Plans. 
In all cases the success of the projects listed in this MIP is contingent on receiving grant funding since it is unlikely the Marina will have the financial reserves to fund these projects. The MIP represents the first step in the long term planning for the continued success of the Marina.
The City of Oak Harbor has identified the period 2018-2022 as the planning term for this MIP.